A guide on how to survive year 2012

You must have been heard the news that claims that in the year 2012, the world will come to an end. They also declared a certain date on which the end will arrive. The date was December 21st, 2012. There was also a big movie made on the subject named 2012, which was released in the year 2009. In case if you are aware of the prediction, got roots from the Mayan prophecy which claimed that on the above date, the world will end according to their astronomical calendar.survive 2012

Many people believe the fact that humanity will perish as per the consequence in the shift of the earth’s axis. Earthquakes, volcanoes, nuclear meltdowns and tsunamis are all considered. The one who has the determination to survive will only live on. But the chances of survival are very less. Now the main question has arrived is how to survive 2012?

As per the theories and scientists claims, it will probably happen. The position of the earth is upheld by the magnetic field it possesses. This is the reason why North Pole is north and South Pole is south. However, there is no separate explanation on how does it works. Read more »

Can we see Nibiru yet?

I hope you haven’t forgotten that Mayan calendar ENDS this year and we were all so desperatly waiting for the big and scary end of the world. One of the most popular reasons for the apocalypse is the planet X, Nibiru, which supposed to collide with the Earth.

NASA was tired that ufologists, trolls and other spammers refer to the scientist and the agency came up with another statement that nothing going to happen and nothing is going to hit our planet in the nearest future, basicly speaking, Planet-X does not exist.Nibiru is in the sky
The history of this madness began with the fact that in 1976 Zecharia Sitchin published the book “The Twelfth Planet,” which has its own translation of the Sumerian cuneiform, allegedly mentioning the planet Nibiru approaching the Sun every 3600 years. A few years later, the self-proclaimed psychic Nancy Lieder announced contact with aliens, who warned her that the planet is faced with the Earth in 2003. When this didn’t happen, the date of apocalypse was moved to the year of 2012, year of the end of the long period of the Mayan calendar. Read more »

Venus alignment on June 6, 2012

Venus alignment on June 6, 2012

Venus alignment on June 6, 2012

Talking about the geocentric system in an age of high technology is ridiculous, but it is from here, on Earth, June 6, 2012 we will be able to watch such a thing as a bottom connection. This alignment will involve three planetary bodies that are in the inner circle of the earth:


All three space bodies will be lined up in a row and will provide an unforgettable scene. To see this wonderful passage across the solar disk of the planet Venus yourself is enough to stock up with the special lenses or tinted glasses (for a super sharp-sighted people). Even though it is in some way solar eclipse, however, it is called the passage across the planet disk. Venus is far beyond the moon and in spite of its superior size inability to close the Sun with his body will look like a small dot.

The uniqueness of this phenomenon lies in the fact that the event occurs four times in 243 years. With that in one century, it occurs twice in the winter, and another double century in the summer. The system is as follows: 105.5 years – 8 years – 121.5 years – 8 years. This sequence will continue until 2846. Although the total number of years remains the same – 243 years – centennial intervals will be changed. The event has already occurred in 2004 and covered by mass media so people have some understanding of this phenomenon. This time is going to be the second phase of the hundred-year cycle. Read more »

Planet Nibiru passing our Solarsystem

OMG! Planet Nibiru passing our Solarsystem

Planet X Collision with Earth

Nibiru 2012! – Clips from Mauna Kea telescope

Solar activity and air disasters, rason is the Solar cycle.

concorde air disasterWe do not know the exact answer to the question of what can be the reason of cyclic changes in solar activity. What can be linked to increased solar activity, solar radiation and magnetic storms with the increased number of plane crashes?

Say at once that the official statistics on the plane crashes, from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) – closed. There is data from open access organization called the Aviation Safety Network, and a database of aircraft accidents over the past few decades is on the site http://www.airdisaster.com. Read more »


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Alien Speech Found in Some of NASA’s Saturn Radio Signal

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The Best of NASA UFO Sightings

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