Declassified Turkish video of a UFO

Videotape will cause a wide resonance in the world, as first clearly captured not only the UFO.
Leader of Turkish Research Center UFO announced that the world’s first managed to shoot a video of representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, RIA Novosti reported.

At a press conference in Istanbul, the head of the center Haktan Akdogan said a local resident, a watchman from one of cottage townships Yalcin Yalman, who spent much time hunting for UFOs finally realized his dream of taking off for the camera notonly aircraft of extraterrestrial origin, but two Representatives of other worlds.

At a meeting with journalists was shown 22-minute videotape, which show clearoutlines of a flying saucer.

Commenting on her, the head of the Turkish Society of ufologists claimed that it “will cause a wide resonance in the world, as first clearly captured not only the UFO, but also to its shiny metal surface.

“But the main sensation is that the film is a clear silhouette of two representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, “- said Akdogan.

here is that UFO videotape

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