Year of the Dragon 2012

Year of the Dragon 2012

 2012 on the Chinese calendar will be the year Dragon.

This will be a year of great opportunity and many achievements, but these gains will require investments of many forces and labor.

Best in 2012 will feel, of course, those born at year of the Dragon. For them, the year will be the most successful and full of positives.

Hopefully there will be this year for the Rat, which will finally be able to overcome the stagnation in business and to do interesting and lucrative.

Year of the Dragon 2012 will be busy for the Bulls, who have to work hard.

Some have hard on the Tigris, new projects and concerns to overwhelm him with his head.

Rabbit is busy with his chores, he is resting after a successful 2011.

Wisdom of the Serpent will allow it to survive this year without a loss and grief, everything is quite calm and positive in her life.

Good time to hold a horse and goat, which the Dragon year will provide an opportunity to have fun, working, working and having fun.

A great year for the Monkey, which will manifest itself in all its glory and achieve significant success.

Rooster will be able to action and dramatic changes in their lives.

For the Dog will be a year of passive surveillance through the efforts of others to achieve success.

Pig will be happy – the year will be extremely successful.