The third world war – prediction

The third world war - prediction

When it comes World War III – predictions about it are different. Russian astrologer Pavel Globa offers its forecast for the future of the planet.

The economic crisis, which will continue until 2020, will be the root cause of radical change in the geopolitical balance of forces in the world, as a result of the political map of the world will take an entirely new look. This crisis was predicted Globa back in 1999

Start World War III Globa predicted in 2014. According to him, the planet Uranus goes into Aries, which is a very combative combination of astrology. If the war, according to the astrologer, starting from the East, will be linked with Iran, the world can get a total uncontrolled terrorism.

Bulgarian prophetess Vanga called the start date of the third world war in 2011. The reason for the outbreak of war Wang believed the attempt on the heads of the four governments. In the course will go nuclear and chemical weapons, said prophetess. Because of this radiation will destroy the animals and vegetation in the Northern Hemisphere. The war will continue until 2014, and as a result of Europe is almost obezlyudeet.